TAS APPLE CARDS - Tasmanian apple label greeting cards and teatowel

My card launch 2013

22 Sept 2013  My weekend launch at the All Saints Daffodil Festival in South Hobart went very well.  The joy of sales was interspersed with the wonderful stories and memories from last century.

 Several spoke of remembering the queues of trucks in Davey Street as they waited for inspection and to unload at the wharves.  Some had family members who worked in the industry - at the Peacock Jam factory in Salamanca, carting apples, unpacking boxes, driving trucks, working inthe shed or orchard, making apple boxes, applying the labels, collecting labels & one chap has a collection of 70 apple-box hammers!  

Others remembered my family, the Terrys at Hayes, and the Apple Pip, our roadside produce stall.  It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm. 

From Dick:
In the apple season, we awoke at 332 Davey St each morning as the procession of old trucks backfired right outside, as they let out their clutches and changed up gear after long, slow descent from Fern Tree in low gear (as those overloaded old trucks barely had any brakes)!

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