TAS APPLE CARDS - Tasmanian apple label greeting cards and teatowel


Inspiration to create an apple label teatowel struck in November 2016 when someone saw my cards for the first time and really loved the labels. 

For the teatowel I chose 6 of the classic apple labels in my collection and arranged them so the colours balanced and the central 2 featured the map of Tasmania.  I've always loved the words "FANCY APPLES"  which appears on all the apple labels indicating they were the top grade for the export market. I think "FANCY APPLES sounds charming and quaint.

So I chose


as the special title of the teatowel to draw attention to that term.  I also added 


I designed the teatowel and its sleeve and then a nice piece of synchronicity led me to a family operated digital printing business in Glenorchy.

Running parallel to the teatowel inspiration was the realisation that I needed to reprint my 5 bestselling cards. In addition I created  a Tasmanian card using the teatowel design as well as 2 new ones using Lord's vintage jam and fruit labels.

All my printers and suppliers are local.

My enterprise is a labour of love - with my family's long apple-growing history and my memories of life on the orchard, I'm pleased to be keeping that part of Tasmania's history alive through the apple labels.  Max Angus (designer of several apple labels) once told me "You keep at it Jill, you keep flying the flag!"

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