TAS APPLE CARDS - Tasmanian apple label greeting cards and teatowel

My Background

I grew up on a beautiful apple orchard and mixed farm called 'Sunnybanks' at Hayes in the Derwent Valley. It was a small property of 165 acres but labour was plentiful in the fifties when we exported our apples to England. When exports declined in the sixties, my parents started the Apple Pip, a roadside shop at Hayes, which created a local market for all of Dad's produce.    

Much later I married an Appleyard. 

My father, Jim Terry, gave me his collection of applebox labels and said that one day one of the family would think of something special to do with them.  I have, and here they are printed as cards!  

They are pure Tasmanian - designed here last century for the purpose of identifying our quality apples overseas and printed  in Hobart, supporting a local business.  

UPDATE - December 2016 - it's time to reprint my 5 best sellers, create 3 new cards and a teatowel featuring 6 apple labels!

Jill Appleyard        tasapplecards@gmail.com


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